Jenna Shaw

GT was my first proper experience in group fitness. I had always kind of balked at the idea of group fitness, worried about it being super competitive environment and that I would be left behind. But a colleague persuaded me to join, proved me wrong and I haven’t looked back.


My results from GT have been fantastic. When I first started I could barely jog 1km let alone contemplate the 2.4km that Nga was wanting. Now I can bash out the 2.4km and leave myself enough juice to complete the rest of the session. I’m fitter, stronger and combined with better nutrition, my pre-GT jeans are falling off.  

What keeps me coming back?

I keep coming back because Nga is the perfect balance between tough butt kicker and supportive mentor. Nga understands everyone’s capabilities and pushes you to achieve what you didn't think possible. And it doesn't stop at GT, when I busted my ACL (playing netball), Nga gave me some much appreciated advice to keep my fitness up while managing my injury. The other girls are also amazing, there is always a great sense of camaraderie and encouragement to keep you going and get you across the line. 

I love GT4Girlz, and look forward to every summer season with a great bunch of ladies and a tough but encouraging trainer.

Jenna Shaw (GT4Girlz member since 2013)