Pauline Warbrick

In December 2013, I approached Ngarama to help train me with my second Ironman campaign. My training had plateau & I was looking for someone to meet my needs. 

To be honest, she really had no choice.  I don’t think I gave her time to respond to my request her saying ‘No’ wasn't an option for me.  Two years later, she’s still my trainer & I'm very proud to be one of her clients.   

Why I needed a Trainer or Training Programmes?

For me, it was the most effective way to stay motivated, get guidance, support & direction.   

Ngarama has her own style.  Her passion, belief and knowledge in Sport & Exercise gives me great confidence.  She understands the importance of individuality.  A big thing for me, she was mindful of the difference between what is normal for her & what is normal for me.  She was able to find out what makes me ‘tick’ by tapping into my strengths & making me work on my weaknesses.  As a trainer she has empowered me to do my very best, by encouraging me to achieve my goals (even when things got difficult & uncomfortable)  

I love the fact that Ngarama focusses on the little things; all my programmes are based around time constraints, whanau and my goals.  I work full-time, I'm a mother of two children & busy finishing studies.  Her guidance has been invaluable.   

Distance has never been an issue.  Ngarama being based in Wellington & myself in Rotorua we communicate by mobile, email & more importantly Skype sessions.  This is actually very common amongst athletes.  It doesn't work for everyone but if you’re dedicated - distance is no barrier. 

Prior to our Skype calls I email feedback on all my training sessions this consists of me providing responses on my training ‘what works well’, what doesn't, times/results, nutrition, how I was feeling etc….  As a trainer Nga will take all this information & piece everything together to make it work for me.    After the end of a Skype session I am always ‘amped’ to get out and train. 

I believe through Ngarama’s own personal achievements & goals ‘do as you preach’ her model for excellence has helped me accomplish my own personal best times in Half Ironman & Full Ironman distances. The way in which Ngarama works with clients reflects on Mobile Fitness Solutions & her business. She is a product of her own brand with loyal clients.